City Island Bridges


My friend Larry and I want to explore the ice on the Susquehanna River. We ended up at Harrisburg City island. Even though it was a cold and cloudy morning. I made a few images more so for a reference for another time when  clouds are in the sky and the early morning light is better. I was looking at my images again from that morning a few days later and decided to process a couple of them. After processing this image I sat looking at it and thinking it would be a lot better image if it just had a few clouds in the sky. Larry has been doing some iPhoneography and has been using textures on those images. I thought why not try putting a texture on this image. I quickly found out is not just as simple as putting a texture on your image. I tried six or seven textures before I found one that I think works. Using textures are a personal taste. But thanks to the inspiration of Larry’s iPhoneography I will be using textures on some images in the future.  If you would like to see Larry’s iPhoneography images you can check them out here.

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