Flour MillIt was raining when I picked up my friend Larry at 6:15am. We weren’t sure where we were headed. Larry suggested the old mill in Mount Joy. He thought the lights would look good reflecting in the wet streets. By the time we got there the rain had stopped the sky was starting to get a little color. We maybe had 10 minutes of shooting with nice colors in the sky before the Sun came up and it clouded over.  The mill was built about 0.5 miles from the Little Chickies Creek in Mt Joy Borough by Gabriel Bear in 1854 as a steam mill. It is located at the Junction of Old Market and N. Market Sts. by the Conrail tracks. In 1870 Bear sold the Mt. Joy Steam Mill to John M. Brant; who in 1881 took on A. K. Manning as a partner, and together, they added rollers and separators for a more modern way to make flour and was known as Mt. Joy Roller Mill.  Manning retired and Brant & Sons continue production. I. D. Stehman joins Brant & Sons in 1905, new machinery is added in 1912, and by 1920, I. D. Stehman is the sole owner. In 1937, Stehman partners with a party named Neuhauser; but by 1946, Stehman is again the sole owner. Spangler buys out Stehman in the 1950’s, In 1972, Wilkins Rogers Mills purchased Spanglers Flour Mill in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Over the years, this mill has been expanded and upgraded, most significantly in 1994 when a second milling unit was added and grain storage was increased. Today, Spangler’s Flour Mill is a flourishing business in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania.

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