Snow Geese


It is that time of year. Thousands of snow geese are at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area for their annual stop-over as they make their way north. There are approximately 60,000 snow geese and 5,000 tundra swans at Middle Creek as of  3/12/14. Snow geese, tundra swans, Canada geese and a variety of other birds stop at Middle Creek every year in late February, early March en route to their breeding grounds to the north. The birds take advantage of favorable winds using a tailwind to aid them in their long flight north. The warmer temperatures also play a part in their arrival.  This year the snow geese began arriving about two to three weeks later than they usually do. The winter we had this year is to blame for that.  You can check the waterfowl migration for Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area here –

 Middle Creek

This is what it can look like on a Sunday afternoon at Middle Creek when the snow geese are on their way north by the Thousands.

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    • I have not been back at creek yet this year. The report on they web site as of 2/3/15 says the lake is frozen over. Here is a link for waterfowl migration updates at Middle Creek

      Thanks Gerald for checking out my blog.

    • Thanks!Larry Their is one in every crowd. I don’t think I have seen anyone post any images on Google Plus that were shot with a iPhone strapped to pigeon. Man that be sure to get some traffic to your blog.

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