The weather forecast was calling for 2″to 4″ of snow starting at eight a.m. turning to freezing rain that night. My friend Don and I started emailing back and forth trying to decide where we were going to go to make images.  Eight a.m. came and went as did nine and ten a.m. at three p.m. it finally started to snow.  So after a few more emails it was decided Don would pick me up at 5;45 a.m. the next morning.  We Headed for this area we are real familiar with. We drove around hoping the light was going to get better. Just about the time we were thinking of heading home we see a spot where the Sun was starting to break through the clouds. We had about an hour of good light before it clouded up and the light turned flat. This scene caught my eye because of the shadow and the way the Sun was glistening off the ice on the snow.




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